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март 4, 2014, 17:31

In the heart of Europe five Bulgarian projects were presented by the former director of the Ec-Bulgarian negotiating team, Mrs. Brigitte chernota, with the assistance of the National Movement „You are Bulgaria“. The „Good News Day“ from Bulgaria to Brussels became an important event in recent Bulgarian history.
The project was organised by the National Movement „You Are Bulgaria“, which is justly called the „power of the ordinary people“ or a movement which „makes dreams come true“.“You are Bulgaria” is a civil project aimed at „offering the hand of kindness”. This was stressed by Dimitar Kutsarov, the chairperson of the National Movement, „You are Bulgaria“, when presenting the project. “We set ourselves a goal and in a brief space of time we achieved very good things in a number of areas connected with charity, projects in the area of science, sport, and assistance to families with many children. Through our programmes we hold out our hands to kindness. We managed to show the real face of Bulgaria. The „You are Bulgaria” project is already quite popular in Bulgaria. Perhaps because our organisation unites and doesn’ t divide, builds bridges and doesn’ t destroy hope. In a brief space of time, our activities have reached the whole country“, Mr. Kutsarov specified when presenting the project.

The second project was developed by Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts, who presented the mobile application, „The Best of Bulgaria“. “Many journalists refer to Bulgaria as the poorest country in the EU, and this is right. But how can you be poor when you have such riches as nature and people“, she said during the forum in Brussels. “We love Bulgaria, why don’t you love it as well?“
The third project „Phoenix Inspire” in Vidin is an initiative whereby young orphans are taught professions and professional skills in a number of areas. According to Mike cooper, “We teach these children in a real situation. There are many children in orphanages who choose the wrong path in life. We choose kindness and success. Our young people study and work at the same time, assimilating new
professions. They are taught to understand that there is no such thing as „bad“ work. And that success in life is achieved by systematic and sensible efforts.“

The fourth project – “Luthier centre” in which young people are trained as real craftsmen in the art of making and restoring string instruments under the direction of Ivo Boikov.

A group of enthusiasts from Russe, combining the crafts from the entire Danube region in the Danube Centre for Arts and crafts presented the fifth project. “Our aims”, said Stefan Petkov, “are to encourage activities connected with the typical crafts of the region and to make a connection with the local and national crafts’ guilds”. “The Danube centre provides training in arts and crafts, and
organising advertising, seminars and exhibitions“.

Brussels resounded to the melody of “Devoiko, mari, hubava“

In her closing words to the forum, Mrs Chernota, stressed the unique nature of the forum and the hope that it would not be only one of its kind. In response, Mr. Dimitar Kutsarov confirmed that the ambition of the „You are Bulgaria” National Movement, was for the „Day of Good News“ to become a tradition in Bulgaria. He promised that next year the forum would take place in Berlin.

Източник: OneWorld Magazine