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SLIVEN PRESS:’A Famous Scientist Had Identified Bulgaria as a State of Mind and it is Sliven That Has the Right to Claim That it is Bulgaria’s Heart’

Dec 16, 2013, 10:21

27 students were awarded at the National Education Initiative ‘Colour Olympics’ in Sliven District. At a ceremony in the Hall of the Scientific and Technical Union (STU), children received certificates and also sang, danced, improvised, turning the Saturday work day in a celebration of knowledge. Organizer of the event is NM ‘Bulgaria is You!’. It was supported by the Municipality of Sliven, in cooperation with Prosveta Publishing House, hypermarket chain Technopolis and Channel 7 as a media partner.

The competition was held from 4 to 11 December in the following schools – 11th High School ‘Konstantin Konstantinov’, Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics’, ‘Marie Curie’, Sliven Vocational School of Construction and Geodesy ‘Arch. Georgi Kozarov’, Vocational School of Mechanization – Sliven, Vocational School of Agriculture – Nova Zagora, Vocational School of Engineering and Technology – Nova Zagora. On December 12 representatives of the Movement, the participating schools, Regional Inspectorate of education (RIE) Sliven and the Municipality of Sliven compared the results of the participants and identified the regional winners in the initiative.

‘I would to thank the organizers of this remarkable initiative. I would also to thank the efforts of Sliven and Nova Zagora that represented, I hope – with dignity, the education in the district of Sliven. I’m sure the idea of this Colour Olympics is another opportunity to encourage children to gain knowledge, to the sense of achievement, through the efforts of the will, the mind, the spirit, and of the abilities of each child. The point is that constant feeling of development through which one realizes themselves, finds the meaning of life in general’. With these words the Deputy Mayor for Humanitarian Activities Sliven, Mr. Ivan Slavov, greeted the event. He also proudly said: ‘We should not forget that if a famous scientist had identified Bulgaria as a state of mind, it is Sliven that has the right to claim that it is Bulgaria’s heart. With their knowledge, with the love of creativity, with the desire for demonstration, I believe that everyone involved here and many of our contemporaries – teachers, pupils, will prove this wherever and whenever they have the opportunity to it.  

Winners were specifically addressed by the head of RPD Sliven Chief Inspector Dimitar Velichkov; Attorney Andriana Andreeva, Deputy Chair of the Bar Staff; Mr. Nikolay Sirakov, Director of the Regional History Museum; Mrs. Daniela Nencheva, Director of the Art Gallery ‘Dimitar Dobrovich’; Mr. Avgustin Demerdzhiev, actor at the ‘Stefan Kirov’ Theatre; Mr. Stefan Penev, Deputy Manager of the chain of specialized hypermarkets for white and black appliances, office equipment and IT ‘Technopolis’ Sliven; Mr. Nikolay Arabadzhiev, President of Cycle Club ‘The Demons, Nova Zagora; Dr. Yuliya Mincheva, pediatrician at DCC.

I admire the initiative! It is very nice that there are such events, which stimulate our young generation to study more and to perform better in the future’, said Annie Gandeva, a journalist of Channel 6.

Her counterpart from the Bulgarian National Television Veselin Tsvetanov said on his behalf and on behalf of the media he represents, he also congratulated Bulgaria is You!’ on the initiative. Last night I spoke to a graduate of one of the high schools which participated in the Olympics. You know what he said? He wished he had had the opportunity to participate. In my time participation in the Olympics competitions was obligatory and we were wondering how to get rid of it; now it is commendable that students wish to participate’, he said.

Victoria Dimitrova, the rowing World Champion, came personally to congratulate the winners. ‘I would like to wish our children to be competition for themselves, not waiting for anybody to encourage them. Every time, every day, to compare themselves with themselves. Tomorrow to be better than today, she wished the students.

“You could say that I am an example to you, how a foreigner some time ago arrived in Bulgaria to study. So with work, determination and perseverance, I have become what I am now. So I think that in the same way you can stay here – in Bulgaria, to succeed both professionally and in all areas of life. My children have studied here and work here – in Bulgaria, and have developed very successfully professionally’, said Prof. Dr. Dipl. Eng. Andreas Charalambous, Vice-Principal of the University College, branch of the TU – Sofia.

After rewarding the students, the distinguished schools also received cups. The Chairman of NM ‘Bulgaria is You!’ Mr. Dimitar Kutsarov announced the ranking and congratulated all winners, teachers, Assistant Principals, Principals for their efforts and tireless work, responsiveness and responsible attitude towards the future of the Bulgarian society – children. Number three in the competition was Sliven Vocational School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy. The Principal of the school Mr. Alexander Borisov wished all students to move forwards and upwards. The runner-up was the Vocational School of Agriculture, whose Principal Ms. Julia Stefanova accepted the award with great excitement. ‘I am really glad that the Colour Olympics in Sliven became the Olympics of the vocational schools. I am very happy that our children have shown that not only do they study professions, but they also learn well the material in the general curriculum’, she said. Deservedly, the winner was Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics ‘Marie Skłodowska-Curie’. Its Principal Mr. Dobri Margenov also received a plaque and for promoting best practices in school.

The Voices of ‘Bulgaria is You!’ – Bobo and Santra had a special greeting for the students. The kids sang and had fun with them all the time and the teachers and principals also applauded the performers.

Students from each school showed that besides their professional and general knowledge they are also endowed with talent. Students of the Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics showed mocks of illuminated Christmas decorations which delighted everybody and brought the Christmas spirit. Students from the Vocational School of Agriculture presented cards made of biscuits and Christmas decorations in a makeshift bazaar, whose aim is to help disadvantaged classmates. Dian Zhekov from the Vocational School of Construction and Geodesy showed impressive musical skills, performing the song ‘I Want’ of Revolution Z. Some of his girls classmates launched in the room balloons with the name of the school. For all who love Bulgarian folk was the performance of students from 11th School ‘Konstantin Konstantinov’ led by Borislav Kisyov. Yuriy and Dimitar from the Vocational School of Mechanization presented beatbox. And the charming Marieta Sirakova (10 years old) greeted her smart older fellow students with Lili Ivanova’s song ‘For Thee I was’.