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The World champions Vanya and Ivan Ivanovi, members of National Movement “Bulgaria is you!” on TV SKAT.

Apr 8, 2013, 17:47

Vanya is a word sambo champion and Ivan is a world vice champion in wrestling. They are one of the youngest members of the National Movement “Bulgaria is you!”. Newlyweds thanked warmly to the founders, who personally attended their celebration. Their wishes served stellar members Bobo, Milena Slavova Vasil Petrov, Armen Nazarian, and many world and European champions. They said that the experience was wonderful and believe that the young people should choose to make this step, regardless of their financial problems.

Besides their sport spirit, the family tries to set an example for young people with social responsibility commitments. One of their main desires is to help young sport talents, cause, which National Movement “Bulgaria is you!” aspires. This is the reason why, they decided to join the movement. “We were inspired by National Movement “Bulgaria is you!” and their cause to help young people, and their goal to stop this demographic crisis. We share the view that there is no little or big help.”, said the young couple.

The young family has a strong desire to be actively involved in charity activities of the Movement, not only by example, but with actions and hope to continue winning gold medals – Valya as a trainer and her husband as an athlete. Both believe that sport should be embedded in the school programs and to start from a very young age. “The sport is one of the basic elements that can teach the younger generations to discipline and fighting spirit.” – said Vanya.