“Space Jam” at the home of Father Ivan of Novi Han

Apr 26, 2013, 15:57

Star basketball was played today in the House of Father Ivan from Novi Han. This is the second basketball initiative which “Bulgaria is you!” organized after the meeting with the NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Official guests at the event were George Glushkov, president of the Bulgarian Basketball Federation, Sandra Velcheva, sports director of the National Basketball League (NBL) and Dimitar Kutsarov, chairman of the NM “Bulgaria is you”. “With this event we give a start to the campaign “Health in every home.” We support the youngest Bulgarians to do sports actively. A basketball game is suitable because it is collective. It develops the sense of interaction with others and achieving common goals, “said Mr. Kutsarov. And Mrs. Velcheva added that from now onwards the joint initiatives between NBL and “Bulgaria is you!” are yet to come.

For the event to be a memorable experience and to learn the intricacies of the game, the kids got their first lesson in basketball by the stars of “Lukoil Academic” – the wing Veselin Veselinov, the Swedish national Thomas Masamba, the guard Bozidar Avramov and the Greek center Dimitris Haritopulos. The ice cream “Gelati” refreshed and even sweetened the day at the home and caused a lot of smiles. They were provided by Alexia Mangikyan, manager of “Gelati” for Bulgaria and manager of the Italian ice cream parlor in Sofia.

NBL and “Bulgaria is you!” provided new baskets and balls for the children of Father Ivan. The aim is that the children actively make exercises and “unlock” their love for the sport. As the ancient wisdom says: “A sound mind in a sound body.” Some of the kids made their first dribble. That did not stop them from dunking with the stars of our sport.