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Dimtcho Dimov co-founder of “Bulgaria is you!” to “Focus” agency

Apr 26, 2013, 09:58

Dimtcho Dimov, chairman of the Union of Bulgarian motorcyclists and chairman of MC “The Riders”, and also one of the founders of the National Movement “Bulgaria is you!” in an interview with “Focus” agency

Focus: Mr. Dimov, what is expected on the XIV National Moto Fest, which will take place in Yambol?
Dimtcho Dimov: It’s traditional. There will be lots of games, competitions and shows, beer and kebapche, the groups Pezoks, Granolom and others. Everyone is welcomed on the 14th national Moto Fest, and next year we have an anniversary. Throughout the organization a free beer and kebapche are included.
Focus: How many people usually gather on these fests?
Dimtcho Dimov: Between 5,000 and 10,000 people.
Focus: What are the most interesting bikes that can be seen on this fest?
Dimtcho Dimov: They are many, all types of bikes. There is no way to determine which are the most interesting. For everybody different things are interesting.
Focus: Are there many women who ride motorcycles in Bulgaria?
Dimtcho Dimov: Yes, there are even women club presidents. It is very interesting how 20 men obey a woman.
Focus: Are there any riders who come from abroad especially for this fest?
Dimtcho Dimov: We have many reservations for clubs coming from Istanbul some are coming from Germany, Russia. There are many who will come. There has always been an interest in this fest.
Focus: Since when have you ride bikes and what kind?
Dimtcho Dimov: For about 30 years now. I have changed many bikes and currently am riding one of the largest motors that are mass-produced. It is a Chopper “Cadillac” 1700 cc and I love it very much. I have another which is a sports track option. I seldom ride it.
Focus: Are there any conditions on Bulgarian roads for riding a bike?
Dimtcho Dimov: There are. Now Bulgarian drivers have grown a little and have learned to comply with motorists. However, this is still in its initial phase. The rider himself should also watch out and have a culture of driving, but it takes time.
Focus: Are the rules of riding a bike abided?
Dimtcho Dimov: Most bikers follow the rules for riding a bike. There are already outfits, they have entered Bulgaria. There are companies who care about the safety of motorists. There are other companies that require clothing and accessories for motorcycling, and generally for all motorcycles. Things are good for now, given that at the beginning 20 years ago there weren’t such things, but now there are. People can rely on this thing. We even have sponsors for the fest from these companies. Things are already on a higher level.
Focus: You are also a founder of NM “Bulgaria is you!”, what future plans do you have with it?
Dimtcho Dimov: The future plans are consolidated into the things that we have done and to support the movement, indigent people, families, kids. We conduct such moral events and there our initiatives are directed. This is without political affiliation or ambition, we aim to help people and control things in some way if we can, i.e. to look for irregularities and report them. These are the guidelines of the movement.
Focus: Are there any initiatives that are anticipated in the next one or two weeks?
Dimtcho Dimov: There are initiatives that we anticipate with the motorcycle clubs in Bulgaria and we are trying to create a Civic Movement for the conduct of honest elections. Hopefully we can have our people in sections to watch how the elections are run.
Focus: Do you think some initiatives related to motorists should be taken?
Dimtcho Dimov: Of course there should be, but they should develop into larger plans. We do not even have a lobby in parliament and we are like a child removed from its mother. We have always been a little strange to others. But we struggle with life there are doctors, businessmen people from any class among us. These are people who love moving on two wheels and are plugging along in the development of the motorcycle sport. There are things yet to come like a change in the law of motorcycling.