The organization of “Good news day” in Brussels has began

Aug 14, 2013, 16:00

The organization of “The day of good news” in Brussels has started. This became clear after the meeting between Mrs. Bridget Czarnota, former rapporteur for Bulgaria in EC, and the chairman of the National Movement “Bulgaria is you!” Mr. Dimitar Kutsarov. They discussed issues related to the event and already started implementing the idea. There will be a hard work and preparation, so that in late September / early October / initiative will take place. The event would be opened by high-level representatives of the European Commission.

This “day” will be a presentation of the best working projects from Bulgaria in Brussels. The aim is our country to show a better image abroad.

It is expected to include representatives of the Bulgarian business, journalists, cultural makers, artists, young talents , craftsmen and NGOs. NM “Bulgaria is you!” is also a participant in the event.

In late June, Mrs. Czarnota was in Bulgaria and shared her idea. “Quite often the news form Bulgaria are sad, and I thought it would be nice to have a day in Brussels when to show good news for Bulgaria and especially for charities organizations and individuals. People who are successful and help not only local communitie , but also show a better image of Bulgaria abroad”, she said. And the examples are indicated: National Movement “Bulgaria is you!”, Project “Phoenix” of Vidin, Project “Love Me” for children with Bulgarian origin worldwide, Project in Rousse establishing the Centre for Arts and Crafts. These are the good news and stories from Bulgaria, a chance to show that there are smart people who can do good thing. Finally, former rapporteur of the European Commission expressed Bulgaria message to all Bulgarians, “to get people to support the idea of “the day of good news”. I hope that everyone can find in their daily lives something positive.”